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O1. Convention Centers, Sports Commissions and Event Rights Holders









You have a lot on your plate-we get that.  And while you know that housing is an important aspect of what you do, it is only a small part of what you do.  So, we designed RHouse to be simple.  Simple saves you time. When you partner with us, we provide you with your own RHouse license.  We will design the site to look and operate seamlessly with your existing site. Generally, we can get you going within just a few weeks. Your RHouse, web-based room block management tool is designed specifically to manage the special needs associated with group reservations. Of course, it easily handles individual reservations as well. So, no matter what your housing need, RHouse is the right fit.

With RHouse you can:

  • Generate Hotel Leads
  • Run Real-time reports (economic impact, pickup, etc)
  • Have the versatility to utilize any hotel, VBRO, house or even dorm if you wish to
  • Increase effectiveness and communication with hotel and event attendees
  • Eliminate forms and callbacks
  • Increase revenue
  • Eliminate duplicate bookings
  • Increase response time
  • Protect your hotel properties with minimum night stays and automatic data transfer for contracts.


O2. You have Options!

RHouse System

The RHouse system is simple to use and offers functions specially designed for group housing.  No matter what your group function, if you need a housing system, RHouse is hands down the best way to grow your events with the experienced team at ITS behind to guide you.


Our clients have some events that have grown beyond what they can successfully manage, so we developed our hybrid service model, RHouse+, to accommodate their growing needs. With RHouse+, you can still run some events yourself. But those that are beyond what your staff can do, we can service for you.  Still at a great value from standard housing prices, this model is fast becoming our best choice!

ITS RHouse

Now you can have full service housing with ITS RHouse behind you. Dedicated phone lines offer your guests the seamless support you want for your events

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